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Consulting Experience

Designed and implemented English-language Web strategy for ASCII Corporation, Japan’s largest publisher of computer-related books, magazines, and entertainment software. Implemented corporate Web sites, combining public relations, new business development, and news service functions. Also developed English-language marketing communications.
Senior Analyst, WatzmanKeyes, Cambridge, MA. Specialized in user interface design and electronic publishing systems requirements specification, vendor selection, and implementation support. Clients: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Inc. Magazine, Letraset USA, Index Technology.
User interface design and end-user documentation for industrial machines, including mechanical and software interfaces, and touch panel displays implemented in English and Japanese. Clients: Synthetica Technologies Inc., Siva Inc.
Small business development. Specialized in creating and implementing business processes, particularly conversion from manual to automated systems. Developed promotional strategies and designed marketing communications. Clients: WorkSmart Products, Inc.; Westminster Conservatory of Music; Princeton YWCA; Franklin Gilbert, D.C.

Journalism and Editing Experience

Editor-in-Chief, Japanese High-Tech News online weekly news magazine, ASCII Corporation, Tokyo.
Editor, InterConsult’s Corporate Publishing, InterConsult Inc., Cambridge, MA
Editor, The Future of Information, by Theodor Holm Nelson, ASCII Corporation, 1997.
Editor, Literary Machines, by Theodor Holm Nelson, Mindful Press, 1987.


Bachelor of Fine Arts, New York University. Founders Day Award for Scholastic Excellence.
Member of the R.E.S.I.S.T.O.R.S., the first computer club for high school students.

Recent Articles

The following articles were published in Japanese High-Tech News.

TRON, Japan's Answer to Windows, Continues Steady Development in the Far East, Japanese High-Tech News, March 25, 1998.
Digital Video Cameras Overtake Analog in Japanese Market, Japanese High-Tech News, March 12, 1998.
AOU 1998 Amusement Expo Celebrates Japan's Love Affair with Arcade Games, Japanese High-Tech News, March 4, 1998.
Graduate Students Win Upset Victory at 8th Computer Shogi Championship, Japanese High-Tech News, February 25, 1998.
Progress Toward a Global Standard for Next-Generation Wireless Telecommunications (Part Two of Special Report dated January 28, 1998), Japanese High-Tech News, February 4, 1998.


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